Wellness in the Woods

The Nitty Gritty

Wellness in the Woods
Project Date
February to March 2020

Graphic Designer
Project Type
Branding Update


This client wanted a branding update to get ready for franchising. They wanted it to be classy, earthy, and fun. I initially went with navy blue and light blue but we finalized with navy blue and green color scheme and fonts highlights the camping and spa experiences of their business.

  • Navy Blue (Hex: #17224b, RGB: 23,34,75, CMYK: 100%, 92%, 40%, 41%)
  • Green (Hex: #359349, RGB: 53,147,73, CMYK: 80%, 19%, 97%, 4%)
Font Family
  • Name: Kalam
  • Tagline: Montserrat
Trees, Tent

Programs Used
Adobe Illustrator

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