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April 2015 to Present

Front End Developer, Backend Developer, Content Writer
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Web Development, Content Writing


After taking a semester-long web technologies course in college back in 2015, I spent that summer coding a static website for my photography portfolio. I wanted to create a site that had more flexibility and not rely on site builders such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Blogger due to their limitations and costs. When I was met with an obstacle, I would Google like a maniac and had initial help from a friend early on as well. A year after graduating, I attended a coding cohort and learned more, technical and non-technical skills, and experienced working in teams. I continued personal projects while applying to jobs afterward, but I ended up working in a slight different niche in the digital field for the past two years. Now I am looking forward to continue honing my skills wherever possible and here is the start of my web development portfolio.

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Programs and Resources Used
Microsoft Visual Studio Code, GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Heroku, Google (if you know, you know)

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