Keli Chau LLC Rebrands to Broken Rice Media LLC

March 19, 2021

This year, we decided to rebrand from Keli Chau LLC to Broken Rice Media LLC in order to maintain our values and ability to scale.

Broken rice are grains of rice that get fractured during the milling process or transportation so it ends up getting packed into a separate bag to be sold as broken rice. It is often consumed by the poorer community because of its cheaper price due its “lesser” quality. With that came outside of the box thinking that created a specialty dish, popularized within the Vietnamese culture today. Founder, Tuyen Chau resonated with this feeling because of her upbringing in a low income community which inspired her to be creative when having to find solutions to her problems.

Broken Rice is also translated to Cơm Tấm, an underrated dish but one of Tuyen’s top 5 Vietnamese comfort foods. It is a rice dish made with the fractured grains of rice, served with grilled pork chop, sausage, egg, steamed egg meatloaf, fresh vegetables, and drizzled with a fish sauce and garlic chili pepper vinaigrette.

A part of her mission to always honor her Vietnamese culture. She was born and raised in Georgia but has always held onto her heritage to ensure a connection with her family and to pass down the language and cuisine to the future generation.

Broken Rice Media’s vision is to bring transparent, quality, and affordable solutions to small businesses. We believe that authenticity and communication are the two most valuable assets that a company can provide its consumer and that is the only method that both sides can grow in this day and age. With that, our attention is focused on helping local businesses, starting with the metro Atlanta area, by providing the basics of marketing and quality but money-saving visual solutions. All of our services and prices are detailed on our website for this very reason.

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