The Nitty Gritty

Project Date
September and December 2020

Graphic Designer
Project Type
Print Collateral


The client was rebranding and had a new name and logo created. With a technology and minimalistic feel to the new brand, I decided to go with fonts that were would complement the logo font. I used the navy blue in the logo as a foundation color in the collateral in order not to overwhelm the viewer with bright colors. I used the other colors sparingly and added some geometric shapes with light opacity.

  • Navy Blue (Hex: #023057, RGB: 2,48,87, CMYK: 100%, 84%, 39%, 33%)
  • Light Blue (Hex: #0081ff, RGB: 0,129,255, CMYK: 77%, 49%, 0%, 0%)
  • Red (Hex: #ff2400, RGB: 255,36,0, CMYK: 0%, 95%, 100%, 0%)
  • Green (Hex: #1dd603, RGB: 29,214,3, CMYK: 70%, 0%, 100%, 0%)
Font Family
  • Bifold Brochure: Avenir Next LT Pro
  • Posters: Roboto, Norwester
  • Business Card: Montserrat
Geometric Shapes

Programs Used
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva

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