Best Quick Tax Returns

The Nitty Gritty

Best Quick Tax Returns
Project Date
February 2020

Graphic Designer
Project Type
Branding Update


The client was looking to modernize their logo but keep their current color scheme. I chose a font that matched their tax and accounting services and put together an icon that represented "Quick" and "Tax Returns" in their name.

  • Blue (Hex: #2a7db1, RGB: 42,125,177, CMYK: 82%, 44%, 11%, 0%)
  • Green (Hex: #2ea569, RGB: 46,165,105, CMYK: 78%, 10%, 78%, 1%)
Font Family
  • Name: Roboto Slab
  • Tagline: Roboto
Dollar Sign, Circle Arrow, Cash Line Icons

Programs Used
Adobe Illustrator

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